Sunday, July 5, 2009

Upsnott - The First Two Days

The second sim to graduate during the University round with the Maxis playables was Brittany Upsnott. She graduated two semesters ahead of the others (Ashley Pitts did as well, but he sadly didn't do anything that was interesting enough to rate a separate post about his first two days of adulthood), and thus to preserve the age gap I played her for two sim days after moving her into an apartment in the same complex where Jane Stacks was living with her fiance Randy McClelland.

Brittany probably wouldn't have known it, since I'm not certain she even knows Jane, or at least not certain if she knew her at this point or not, but while Brittany was chatting up the landlady and trying to become friends with her, Jane was doing some heavy duty flirting with one of their neighbors, Talin Depiesse.

Luckily for Jane, Randy had already gone to work for the day and so wasn't there to catch her cheating.

Oblivious to the drama going on across the street, however, Brittany wasted little time in calling her own fiance, Bruce Rauscher, to invite him over to see her new apartment and to ask him if he'd share it with her. He was happy to accept.

Always one to take the initiative, Brittany didn't waste much time putting a Mrs. in front of her name. Being a progressive sort of woman, however, she insisted on keeping her own name instead of taking Bruce's. Bruce was happy enough to go along with her, and so he became Bruce Upsnott.

Unlike when they got engaged, Brittany had no second thoughts about what she'd done, and both had a good memory of their informal living room wedding.

And that is pretty much where their brief (for now) story ends. Brittany hasn't yet been able to find a job in the Paranormal field, though they have plenty of money since Bruce moved in, and he is employed, albeit not in the field he would prefer. I'll include his stats next time I post about them, whenever that is.

And that wraps up the final tale from the University round with the Maxis playable students. Next up on my playlist is the the Ball Household, with Crystal Ball, her triplet daughters, and five dogs. It promises to be a wild and crazy ride, I'm sure. Hopefully it won't be another two months before I have another update for you about her. While I'll admit that The Sims 3 has been keeping me distracted a lot the last few weeks, I haven't given up on Sims 2, and fully intend to continue playing it, and to continue with Challengeville. I have so much left to experience, finish, and accomplish here after all. So, until next time, I bid you farewell.


Liz said...

oh Bruce is a mean one, he and Brittany should get along great. One of my playables had him as a roommate and he picked fights with everyone in the apartment complex.

Ndayeni said...

Hmm. I haven't played Bruce long enough at this point to see what he'll be like. He and Brittany had dropped down to only one bolt by the time she graduated, so I almost crossed him off as a mate for her. If they hadn't already been engaged I probably would have. If one or the other of them meets a better match at some point I might break them up. We'll see.