Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shi - Introduction & Backstory

Finally I've gotten back to a lot that I've actually played for a fair bit, and one that had a few interesting happenings. Sue Shi is the target sim of the TSR Here Fishy Fishy Fishy! challenge. The challenge is fairly easy, though takes a little while to complete all of the skill gains necessary for it. I took a little bit longer than some might as I decided to let Sue have a social and family life along the way.

Sue ShiSue Shi
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Become the Law
Zodiac: Scorpio
Hobby: Nature (maxed)
Turn Ons: Fitness, Underwear
Turn Off: Fatness
Personality: 7 Neat, 6 Outgoing, 6 Active, 3 Playful, 3 Nice
Badges: Gardening - Silver, Fishing - Gold

Sue starts out as an adult in the Politics career, though with pretty much no skills. The objectives of the challenge include getting her a promotion to Campaign Manager and maxing out her Cooking skill and earning a gold badge in fishing, while learning to make a few different fish dishes along the way. Pretty simple objectives, and one of the first that I set out to achieve was the promotion, which didn't take her very long to get. Once she had achieved it, I had her switch to the Law career to match her LTW. She hasn't gotten very far with that career so far due to lots of maternity leave, but more on that in a minute.

She didn't have a lot of time to work on her fishing skill before winter came and her pond froze over and made fishing impossible. So she started to work on her cooking. And on meeting men. One of the first men she got along well with was Sonny Day, with whom she has 2 bolts of attraction. They had a Dream Date together, but I didn't really want to combine their households, so I had her keep looking. And maybe a good thing that I did, as not to long after she met a Townie named Shea with whom she has 3 bolts. I forget what Shea's last name was originally - They had a date not too long after meeting, which turned out to be a Dream Date, and they got engaged and then married in pretty short order, and I had him take her name so that the challenge wouldn't get messed up by a name change for her. And it's a good thing I did, since I later ran into trouble with one of these challenges because of changing someone's name via marriage. Here's a look at Shea, now Shea Shi:

Shea ShiShea Shi
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Become Hall of Famer
Zodiac: Leo
Hobby: Fitness
Turn Ons: Custom Hair, Charismatic
Turn Off: Formal Wear
Personality: 4 Neat, 10 Outgoing, 4 Active, 4 Playful, 3 Nice
Badges: Toy Making - Silver, Gardening - Bronze

Almost as soon as the date had ended, and they were now married, ACR sent them to bed, and after the fireworks were over, I heard the chimes. A few days later, Sue gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy. I don't remember now if they were natural twins or twins I got via "Have Random Babies" with the Triplets & Quads mod, but I know they weren't cheesecake twins. They are children now, and here are their stats:

Tanis ShiTanis Shi
Zodiac: Gemini
Hobby: Sports
Turn Ons:
Turn Off:
Personality: 4 Neat, 6 Shy, 9 Active, 4 Playful, 3 Nice
Terrance ShiTerrance Shi
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hobby: Fitness
Turn Ons:
Turn Off:
Personality: 1 Neat, 10 Outgoing, 10 Active, 10 Playful, 4 Nice

Realizing that they were going to need some help with the twins, and with keeping things up around the house and yard since they were both busy with jobs and kids now, I had them hire a butler. I hadn't tried out the butlers yet since getting AL, and it seemed the most cost effective choice. I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on them - they want to cook too much if you let your sims get the least bit hungry, and he doesn't help out with the gardening as much as I'd hoped.

Life for the Shis became fairly routine, with Sue spending as much time as she could working on her fishing badges now that they had help watching the kids and cleaning the house. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of them, but I did manage to capture some pictures of their birthdays along the way at least:

Tanis transitions to Toddler:

Sue blows out the candles for Tanis

Tanis just grown up to toddler

Terrance just after becoming a toddler (missed the cake picture with him):

Terrance grows up to toddler

An attempt at doing cakes for their transition to childhood. I managed to get Tanis out to the cake in time...

Starting the grow up wiggle

Tanis grows up

...but Terrance grew up on his own inside the house before I could get him out to his cake

Terrance Grows up Well

There were a few other things of interest happen along the way. It started with one of the first people that Sue met when she started to go out and about. This was Barbara Kimbrell, who was a clerk at the local bookstore:
Barbara Kimbrell
Barbara came home with Sue from work one day - and then nearly every day after that. Anytime Sue brought someone home from work, it was Barbara. I'd hoped to try to have Sue get promotions via work friends, but it seems that Barbara is a hobby friend, not a work friend, so she's of no use to help string Sue along. And Sue still doesn't ever bring anyone else home with her. Most annoying.

The other anecdote to tell involved Shea. The day after he and Sue got married, I sent him down to Nerissa's Clothing to buy himself some new clothes, as I didn't much care for the Townie outfit he came in. While there he met Camryn Lee:
Camryn Lee
Despite having just been married to a three bolt love, Sue, he rolled the want to ask Camryn for a date. Normally I probably would have just ignored the want - he was a married man now after all - but this time I figured, what the hell, and let him have a date with her. It ended up as a Great Date, and she brought him a flower later on that night. Not sure how he explained that one to Sue. After their date, I'd been semi-hoping to have a bit of intrigue with him seeing Camryn on the side, but he hasn't continued to roll any wants regarding her, other than a few platonic ones, so I've let it be. I guess it was just a final fling on his part before he settled down into married life and fatherhood.

Sue did help out with teaching Tanis and Terrance their toddler skills, despite spending much of her time working on fishing, and they both had learned all of the skills by the time they transitioned to child. While they were still toddlers, Sue got pregnant again, and the maternity leave gave her plenty of time for her fishing without taking too much time away from the kids, and she eventually got her gold badge, caught a rainbow trout and learned how to make Stuffed Rainbow Trout, and the challenge was complete. I kept playing a little while longer, and shortly thereafter she gave birth to her second son, Thomas.

Thomas ShiThomas Shi

Here's a shot taken just after Sue, following apparent sim tradition, gave birth to Thomas in their little bathroom

Newborn Thomas

And that is pretty much where I ended my playing of this house for the time being, just after Thomas had been born. I think the twins had just transitioned to child the same day as well, and haven't even gone to school yet. I had fun with this family, and will look forward to playing them again sometime.


Lynnaea said...

:) the name Shea Shi made my day! lol I love epic sims names...

Unknown said...

Looks like one of the Townies that came with AL. His name in my game is Shea Johnston. (in case you cared! lol).

Love all the babes they are so cute.

Ndayeni said...

Shea was one of the AL townies. I think he was one of the Jock social group people, though might have been a Techy. Thanks for the tip on his possible original name.

ASimWen said...

I hooked up Sue with another one of the challenge people...the guy from the Wonder Dog challenge. I did the challenges at the same time, and Sue did have a daughter with the guy. I can't recall his name.